Patient-Provider Communication: Never Stand When You Can Sit – 6 Reasons Why This Improves Care

The Kidney Experts Sit For Patient-Provider Communication

At The Kidney Experts, we recognize that establishing effective patient-provider communication is paramount in providing exceptional care. Understanding that kidney disease is a multifaceted and emotionally taxing journey, we prioritize fostering solid patient-provider relationships by dedicating time to engage in open and informative discussions with you.

Patient-Provider Communication

Here are six reasons why this seemingly small act makes a big difference in patient-provider communication

  1. Equality & Presence: By sitting down during an examination, healthcare providers can create a more level playing field in the patient-provider relationship. This signals to the patient that the provider is fully invested in their concerns and is present.
    Sitting at the Bedside: Patient and Internal Medicine Trainee Perceptions
  2. Improved Communication: Sitting down promotes eye contact and engaged body language, which can help patients feel more comfortable opening up about their worries and asking questions. This leads to more productive conversations for both the provider and the patient.
  3. Stronger Connection: When a provider takes the time to sit down with a patient, it creates a sense of connection and understanding. This is especially important for patients facing health challenges, as it can help them feel heard and supported.
  4. Positive Patient Perception: Studies have shown that patients feel their providers are more caring and attentive when they sit down during a portion of the visit. This translates into higher patient satisfaction scores, as demonstrated in studies published in the Journal of Patient Experience.
    Grab a Seat! Nudging Providers to Sit Improves the Patient Experience in the Emergency Department
  5. Enhanced Collaboration: Trust is essential for patients to take ownership of their treatment path. Sitting down with patients can help build trust and encourage adherence to treatment plans, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes.

Where We Sit Matters

  • In the exam room: Where traditional consultations and check-ups occur.
  • At the hospital bedside: Demonstrating commitment even during inpatient care.
  • During dialysis rounds: Providers take the time to sit with patients while on their dialysis treatment.
  • While discussing procedures or results: Prioritizing patient understanding and comfort during sensitive conversations.

The Kidney Experts’ Difference

At The Kidney Experts, we believe that exceptional kidney care goes beyond medical expertise alone. We recognize that compassionate, personalized care is essential for the well-being of our patients. Our providers and nursing staff are dedicated to creating a supportive environment where patients feel understood, supported, and empowered in their kidney health journey.

We understand that a diagnosis of kidney disease can be overwhelming, and we strive to provide our patients with the resources and support they need to navigate their treatment options and make informed decisions about their care. Our providers take the time to listen to each patient’s unique story and concerns, and they work closely with patients to develop individualized treatment plans that align with their goals and values.

We also believe that patient education is critical to effective kidney care. Our providers and nursing staff provide patients with clear and concise information about their condition, treatment options, and potential risks and benefits. We encourage patients to ask questions and actively participate in their care, as we believe that an informed patient is more empowered.

At The Kidney Experts, we are passionate about providing our patients with the highest quality of care. By combining medical expertise with compassionate, personalized care, we can help our patients achieve the best possible outcomes and live entire and meaningful lives.

If you have questions about how our approach prioritizes patient connection, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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