Discover TKE: 1 Mission, 1 Vision, and the Values that Guide Us

Core Value: People First!


Ridding the World of The Need for Dialysis


Our vision is to revolutionize kidney care on a global scale, putting an end to dialysis. We strive to create a future where everyone can enjoy optimal kidney health with easy access to quality care.

Our Goal

Create a high-flow culture of continuous improvement to consistently deliver more value.


People First! The foundation of a great culture starts with putting people first. Empower your team by creating a high-flow environment where everyone works together to achieve more. Fostering a culture of continuous improvement encourages everyone to innovate and adds value to the organization. Committing to hospitality means caring for the people around you and having unreasonable levels of kindness. And continuous learning should be embraced – no one ever knows enough.

Begin with Culture

Building a healthy, dynamic environment for teams to grow and thrive is essential. Aim for a level 5 atmosphere where everyone can give their best and be proud of their contributions. Allow people to experience the freedom and responsibility of owning their jobs.

Quality Foremost 

Aim for groundbreaking work and deliver mind-blowing experiences to set yourself apart. Embrace purple cow remarkability; think outside the box to create unforgettable impressions. Be in a flow state, but remember to take breaks when needed.

Always Be Respectful

Respect one another, listen deeply, and take ownership of your actions. Give quality feedback, identify problems quickly, and have direct conversations. Allow for reasonable complaints, respectful conflict resolution, and honest conversations.

Apply Your Brain

Pause and reflect on the problem before you. Identify problems early and use creative solutions to solve them. Don’t be afraid to fail; progress beats perfection, and small incremental changes will lead to exponential growth. Bring both sides of your brain together to innovate and create solutions that will bring more value.

Build Each Other Up

Last, cultivate an environment of kindness and gratitude by building up those around you. Focus on positive actions and progress, and practice blameless problem-solving no matter what happens. Ask questions if you don’t know the answer, get work done, and practice measuring output rather than effort.
Discover The Kidney Experts: 1 Mission, 1 Vision, and the Values that Guide Us