The XPHOZAH logo features the medication name in stylized aqua green-blue lettering, highlighting a new treatment option for high phosphate levels in dialysis patients.

XPHOZAH®: An Exciting New Frontier in Managing Hyperphosphatemia – A Phosphate Absorption Inhibitor for Dialysis Patients

April 24, 2024 |
At The Kidney Experts, we're dedicated to providing compassionate, cutting-edge care for our kidney disease patients. Part of that commitment means staying informed about new treatment options. If you're a dialysis patient, you're likely familiar with the challenges of managing hyperphosphatemia, or high blood phosphate levels. XPHOZAH® (tenapanor) is a newly approved medication, specifically a… Read more
Person holding a pill organizer with phosphate binders and a CKD dietary chart, highlighting hyperphosphatemia management in CKD and ESKD.

Understanding Phosphate Binders: 5 Essential Strategies for Successfully Managing Hyperphosphatemia in CKD and ESKD

April 17, 2024 |
Introduction Our kidneys play a crucial role in filtering out waste products from our blood, including phosphorus. When kidney function declines in chronic kidney disease (CKD), the ability to filter phosphorus decreases. This can lead to high phosphate levels, a concern throughout the progression of CKD, and especially important in End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD). Phosphate… Read more
Close-up of lanthanum carbonate tablets, a medication used as a phosphate binder for patients with kidney disease.

3 Lanthanum Carbonate Secrets: A Controversial Phosphate Binder with a Murky Future

April 17, 2024 |
Lanthanum carbonate, a powerful phosphate binder, plays a crucial role in managing hyperphosphatemia associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD). This medication works by preventing excess phosphate absorption in the body, which can cause bone problems, blood vessel hardening, and increased heart disease risk. However, despite its effectiveness, lanthanum carbonate's future remains uncertain as questions arise… Read more