We are your kidney care team!

Meet our Nephrologist (Kidney Doctors) and other Kidney Care Providers

Anna Lee-Mulay, MD
Anna Lee-Mulay, MDNephrologist
Anna took her first steps towards becoming a doctor when she attended medical school at the American University of Antigua. Upon completion, she began her residency program at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center where she was Chief Resident. It was here that Anna would meet her future husband, Shree Mulay. After completing her residency, Anna and Shree moved to Madison, Wisconsin for their fellowship program at the University of Wisconsin. Anna and Shree moved back to West Tennessee after their fellowship concluded, where they worked with Dr. Ramakant Mulay in his practice. When the elder Dr. Mulay retired, Anna and Shree continued the business as The Kidney Experts.

What we love about Anna. 

Her intelligence

She is calm even if she is perturbed

She is very knowledgeable and thorough

She is hardworking and caring

How hard she strives in patient care

Shree Mulay, MD
Shree Mulay, MDNephrologist
Shree Mulay grew up in the Dyersburg area where he watched his father, Dr. Ramakant Mulay, take care of kidney patients in the community. Shree could often be found following his father in the clinic and through the hospital in his younger years. Shree had a love for all things technology, but he eventually found his way back to nephrology. He attended medical school at Mahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College in Navi Mumbai, India. He completed his residency at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. It was here that Shree met his future wife, Anna. After getting married, Shree and Anna moved to Wisconsin where they completed their Nephrology fellowship through the University of Wisconsin. Upon completion of their fellowship, they came back to Shree’s hometown to work alongside the elder Dr. Mulay, who retired a short time after his son and daughter-in-law returned. Shree and Anna now serve patients at all 3 WTH hospital locations, several dialysis locations across the region, and 4 clinic locations.

What we love about Shree.

Teaches down to earth

Tech savvy

Laid back

He devotes so much time to the patients to ensure they understand

His humorous personality

Sense of humor

Funny, caring, helpful

Clay Walker, PA
Clay Walker, PAPhysician Assistant
Clay is a Physician’s Assistant and joined our practice in November of 2019. Clay can often be found caring and educating our patients on their kidney issues.

What we love about Clay.

His attentiveness and dedication to patients

His compassion and empathy

He is approachable, funny, knowledgeable, and helpful

Calm and fast

Caring, honest, and respectful

He prays with his patients.

Courtney Roberson, NP
Courtney Roberson, NPNurse Practitioner
Courtney is a Nurse Practitioner that joined our practice in May of 2020. She was born and raised in West Tennessee and graduated from Union University with her Master’s of Science in Nursing in 2019. When in the clinic, she can be found assessing patients, ordering treatments, documenting, and collaborating with our team to deliver quality patient care. When she is not working, she can often be found riding horses.

Meet our Kidney Care Staff

Meagan Hardison
Meagan HardisonPractice Manager
Meagan is our Practice Manager and joined the practice in January of 2020. She was born in Georgia but spent the majority of her life in West Tennessee. She graduated with her Master of Healthcare Administration degree in 2017. When at work, she can be found ensuring that the practice runs smoothly from day-to-day. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids.
Erica Ables
Erica AblesLicensed Practical Nurse
Erica is a Licensed Practical Nurse. Erica is the only person in our clinic who worked with Dr. Ramakant Mulay before he retired, and transitioned to The Kidney Experts when Dr. Shree and Dr. Anna started practicing. She graduated from TN Tech at Newburn in 2008 with her degree as an LPN. When at work, you will often find Erica caring for our patients by collecting vitals and verifying medical information. When she is not at work, Erica loves to travel.
Brandy Carr
Brandy CarrMedical Assistant
Brandy is our medical assistant and joined the company in September 2019. Brandy is also our Compliance and Privacy Officer, where she works diligently to ensure our patients’ information is secure. When Brandy is at work, she is often performing lab procedures and rooming patients. When Brandy is not at work, she likes to garden and spend time with her family.
Michelle Paschall
Michelle PaschallLicensed Practical Nurse
Michelle is a Licensed Practical Nurse and joined our company in June 2020. She graduated from Dyersburg State Community College and has lived in the West Tennessee area her entire life. When Michelle is at work, she is often found preparing charts and providing patient care. Michelle is also over our Transitional Care Management program, which provides follow up care to patients who were recently discharged from the hospital. When Michelle is not at work, she loves reading, watching movies, hiking, and spending time with her kids.
Penny Sutberry
Penny SutberryReceptionist
Penny is our receptionist and joined our practice in June of 2020. She was raised in the West Tennessee area, graduating from Gibson County High School. She also spent many years working as an LPN with healthcare companies in the region. On a typical day, Penny can be found answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and taking care of our patients. When she is not at work, she loves to craft and create images with diamond dotz.